Comment: There are rumors going around about who was responsible for the change from 24/7 to 24/5 . . . and that the who was not the library.  A clear explanation of *why* the hours were changed printed in The Daily Campus, might help to deal with those rumors, unless of course the rumors are true.

Answer: We’re responsible for the move from 24/7 to 24/5, and the reason is quite simple: low (or no) use on Friday and Saturday nights. Over the course of spring semester 2011, the number of people using the library on Friday and Saturday nights (except for exam period) ranged from a high of 16 to a low of zero. Given the costs of remaining open, particularly in staff wages, we elected to close at midnight on Friday and Saturday and reopen at 9 on Saturday and Sunday mornings. A survey of other Texas libraries and our aspirational institutions confirmed that while a very few are open 24/7, the majority operate under a 24/5 system. Before implementing the change, we discussed it with SMU administration and with student body president Austin Prentice; both were supportive of the change.

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