Question: What’s up with these SMU Only vs.Public Access PCs? The SMU Only ones are slow and freeze up. The Public Access ones are way faster, but there are only four, so they are always taken. I dunno why the library did this change, but it’s worse, not better.
Answer: We thought long and hard about making these changes. There are several reasons we did this, including:
Increased computer availability for our primary users (SMU students, faculty, and students) at any hour of the day or night.
Additional SMU campus licensed software (SAS, SPSS, Mathematica, EViews) previously available in fewer locations.
Legal compliance for CUL licensed database access.
Adherence to SMU computer usage policies and stronger network security.
That being said, we realize that there are some problems, and we are continuing to work these out. We’ve called the issue of frozen SMU-authenticated computers to the attention of our head of library systems, and she will address this with her staff. If there are specific computers that are problematic, let a staff member know so that can pass this information on.
By the way, we have 10 public access computers in Fondren, spread out among four floors, plus more in the DeGolyer and Hamon libraries.