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Peek Inside Data Center Innovation

Google Throws Open Doors to Its Top-Secret Data Center By Steven Levy Wired.com, October 17, 2012 North Korea has nothing on the nature of secrets when compared to Google’s data centers. For years reporters, competitors and network nerds have tried … Continue reading

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Other Voices, Other Blogs: ScienceDebate.org

Curious about presidential candidate’s position on science issues?  So are the National Academies, the Council on Competitiveness and a host of professional and academic groups, which created the web site ScienceDebate.org.  The site hosts “Barack Obama’s and Mitt Romney’s answers … Continue reading

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Patents As Weapon: How Tech Companies Compete

The Patent, Used as a Sword By Charles Duhigg and Steve Lohr New York Times, October 7, 2012 Tech companies have traditionally managed patent portfolios as a competitive strategy, but the stakes have exploded in the past five year.  The … Continue reading

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Opinion: The Importance of Serendipity

The joy of serendipity or “happy accidents” is an underrated experience in the fields of science and technology.  For every “eureka” or “a-ha!” that we stumble upon, thousands of hours as spent in observation or tinkering in the lab. I … Continue reading

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