Organize Better with Bibliographic Managers

If literature research is a part of your current workload, using bibliographic managers can save you time by simplifying how you organize sources, write papers and share reading lists with others. Over the past 20 years BibTeX has been the defacto tool for engineers needing to create reference lists in conjunction with LaTeX.  Now there are a wide variety of specialized databases called reference managers or bibliographic managers you can use in conjunction with BibTeX to improve source management. These software tools commonly share the following features:

  • Import bibliographic information directly from the web or online databases
  • User-created organizational schemes using folders, tagging and note fields
  • Integrate into word processors to create in-text notes and bibliographies
  • Share citations with other researchers

Most of these managers are developed by publishers (EndNote Web, RefWorks) or academics (Mendeley, Zotero), with a wide variety of cost-models available. The CUL librarians are here to help you select and use many of these managers.

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