New eBooks through IEEE Xplore

Recently 13 new Wiley / IEEE Publishing eBooks were added through the IEEE Xplore web site.  You can access either by searching for them in our catalog, or by going directly to the IEEE Xplore web site.  New titles include:

  • TCP/IP architecture, design and implementation in Linux by Sameer Seth, M. Ajaykumar Venkatesulu.
  • Modeling and design techniques for RF power amplifiers by Raghavan, Nuttapong Srirattana, Joy Laskar.
  • Dependability benchmarking for computer systems by Karama Kanoun, Lisa Spainhower.
  • Engineering information security: the application of systems engineering concepts to achieve information assurance by Stuart Jacobs.
  • Engineering quantum mechanics by Doyeol Ahn, Seoung-Hwan Park.
  • Epistemology of the cell: a systems perspective on biological knowledge by Edward R. Dougherty, Michael L. Bittner.
  • Free space optical networks for ultra-broad band services by Stamatios V. Kartalopoulos.
  • An introduction to network modeling and simulation for the practicing engineer by Jack Burbank, William Kasch, Jon Ward.
  • Mobile robots: navigation, control and remote sensing by Gerald Cook.
  • Data mining: concepts, models, methods, and algorithms by Mehmed Kantardzic.
  • Advanced frequency synthesis by phase lock by William F. Egan.
  • Understanding geometric algebra for electromagnetic theory by John W. Arthur.

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