Focus on SpringerLink: Advanced Search Tips

Don’t be fooled by the SpringerLink basic search. Unless you like sorting through thousands of results, you’ll want to brush up on the Advanced Search option. Found as a button next to the basic search box, Advanced Search allows users to create a more refined query.  Through using this option, you can search specific data fields including:

  • Full text, Titles and Abstracts, or Title Only
  • Authors and Book Editors
  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
  • Specific content categories such as Journals, Books, or Protocols
  • Specific publication date ranges
  • Title, ISSN, ISBN, volumes, issues, and page numbers (Citation)

In addition to searching specific fields, the Advanced Search option lets users to combine search terms either by adding new search boxes or through Boolean operators. The database also accounts for truncated terms, so wildcard symbols are unnecessary.

Another option to narrow your results is by selecting predefined “filters” found on the left side of the results page. Filters available include subject collection, publications, SpringerLink date, and language. For more help, check out the Search Tips page.

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