Thousands of SpringerLink eBooks Now Available

You can now access over 35,000 academic and professional eBooks from Springer through our library catalog and research guides.  This new collection encompasses titles published since 2005  and subjects covered in the SpringerLink collection includes:

  • Computer Science (6,544 titles), Engineering (2,975), and Professional Computing from Apress (757)
  • Medicine (3,683) and Biomedical & Life Sciences (3,058)
  • Mathematics & Statistics (2,154), Physics (1,552), Earth Science (1,181) and Chemistry (1,029)
  • Humanities & Social Science (5,002), Business & Economics (4,492) and Behavioral Science (285)

We secured generous terms in the license agreement, which includes:

  • No digital rights management (DRM
  • Unlimited simultaneous
  • Print, save, or share content without limitation
  • Ebooks transferable to personal mobile devices or ebook readers (any kind)
  • Ebooks can be used on Blackboard or on course websites.
  • Order soft copy reprints for $24.95 through publisher

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