Classroom Instruction: Preparing for Tomorrow…

One task I always look forward to is when I get to deliver in-class instruction.  I love igniting a spark in students when they connect with their professional literature. Learning how to access the discoveries of, and dialogs between engineers in the pages of IEEE or ACM publications I believe engenders life-long learning in students.  If efficiency is to be applauded in the technology fields, then teaching students research skills to identify and assess information should be recognized as a vital skill.

As you’re finishing up the Fall semester and setting sights on the Spring, please keep in mind that I’m available to teach research skills in your classes.  When tied to an assignment, a demonstration of the effective uses of IEEE Xplore or SpringerLink can increase student’s quality of research.  Let me know a couple weeks in advance about the assignment and I can tailor my talk to meet their needs.

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