The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) is an international consortium of university, college, and independent research libraries. CRL supports advanced research and teaching in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences by preserving and making available to scholars the primary source material critical to those disciplines.

Oct 21, 1976 issue of Zapoliar'eCRL acquires and preserves newspapers, journals, documents, archives, and other traditional and digital resources from a global network of sources. Most materials acquired are from outside the United States, and many are difficult to obtain or at-risk materials from six major world regions: Africa, the Middle East, Slavic and Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Latin America.

Through the Demand Purchase Program, each library patron (both faculty and student researchers) can request up to $2000 of research materials in each year. The CRL will purchase the following items on demand:

  • Foreign Doctoral Dissertations from institutions in countries outside of the U.S. and Canada
  • Newspapers for which CRL owns at least one day of a newspaper title
  • Archival material from national governments, NGOs, and other organizations and institutions

CRL holds approximately five million newspapers, journals, dissertations, archives, government publications, and other traditional and digital resources for research and teaching. Current acquisitions emphasize materials produced outside the United States, especially publications and archives from developing regions. Explore the CRL Digital Collections here.

Topic guides are provided on the CRL website for different subject areas. Many of the guides include an overview of the field as well as a list of CRL and outside references and resources. You can also search or browse the catalog for serials, newspapers, dissertations, and digital collections in your subject area.


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