Featured E-Resources for Music

Index to Printed Music

sheet-musicThe Index to Printed Music (IPM) is the only electronic resource for finding individual pieces of music published in multi-volume scholarly editions. Its scope of coverage includes composers’ collected works, anthologies, and historical sets. Fully indexed series include Corpus Mensurabilis Musicae, A-R Editions Recent Researches, and Denkmäler deutscher Tonkunst. With over 454,000 records, updated regularly, the database contains detailed indexing for composers, editors, poets,librettists, performing force (medium), format, genres, and musical incipits. Read more





RIPM online : Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals

RIPM OnlineRIPM, the Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals with RIPM Online Archive is an international bibliography project providing access to writings on musical history and culture found in music periodicals published in seventeen countries between approximately 1759 and 1962. Treating primary source material, RIPM indexes the content of complete runs of journals focused on musical activities including articles, reviews, news columns, surveys of the press, bibliographies, iconography and advertising. In addition, RIPM offers access to a bibliography of music and to thousands of English-language translations of foreign documents.