Kudos to Billie Stovall and the Interlibrary Loan staff from SMU student Erin Hoya, winner of the 2012 Larrie and Bobbi Weil Undergraduate Research Award. In her paper “Provocation, Premeditation, and Pandemonium:  The Irish Rebellion of 1641,” Hoya analyzes the veracity of accounts about a Roman Catholic insurrection in Sir John Temple’s The History of the General Rebellion, published in 1646.

Hoya said that books obtained through the Interlibrary loan (ILL) program were vital to her research. Through the free service, students, faculty and staff can request a book not held by SMU’s libraries, and the ILL staff will find it at another library and have it sent to Fondren. “Without CUL’s foresight in participating in the program – and the kindness of ILL specialist Billie Stovall, who extended the due date of a particular book that was instrumental to my project – I wouldn’t have been able to conduct half as much research.”