Titanic: 100 Years Ago

About the exhibit: April 13 – April 27, 2012

Titanic, A Sculpture in Paper by James Pepper

titanicPepperThis exhibit features a model ship built from the ground up, deck by deck, decorated inside and out using plans found in the Fondren Library Center. The scale is 1 inch = 20 feet. The ship is made of paper, bamboo skewers, paperclips, thumbtacks, wire, and string. The engines pistons can move as well as the propellers, rudder, and cranes. The lifeboats are hanging from the davits, and the roofs can be removed to show the interior of the first class lounges.

The original ship plans, from the British Journal Engineering, May 26, 1911, are also on display.

The ship is one of a pair built by James Pepper. The twin ship is on display at the Dallas Public Library.


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