Where in the World are SMU Students?

About the exhibit: January 30 – April 12, 2012

abroadThe goal of this exhibit is to highlight some of the many ways that SMU students can become involved in gaining a broad and sound knowledge of an ever shrinking world where East meets West and All meet All. The theme of the times is GLOBALIZATION and SMU recognizes the need for our students to have a better knowledge of other peoples and cultures of today’s world. They can achieve this by involving themselves in numerous programs at the undergraduate and graduate level in the varied colleges of the University that involve study in foreign countries.

There are two programs that are especially involved in this learning experience:

These two programs are not the only ones on campus that present a strong orientation toward Globalization as a key aspect of learning but they have the strongest focus and the most student involvement.

These programs would not be possible without the support of Provost Ludden, and Deans Tsutsui (Dedman College) and Quick (Graduate Studies.)

Images at right from the Photo of the Week archive of the SMU Adventures blog.


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