What Has Happened to College Protests?


On display at Fondren Library Center: Late Summer 2010

Why are college campuses, which once acted as hotbeds for political protest and birthplaces for new ideas, enabling the voice of America’s college students, so eerily quiet? Why are on-campus demonstrations so rare? Why is the vision of students demanding to be heard from atop police cars and tear-gas filled helicopters flying over lecture halls suddenly so impossible to picture? Are student-launched movements a thing of the past? Have college campuses somehow lost their political edge, or has student activism just evolved beyond picket signs and sit-ins as a means of taking action?

On view are articles, photos, and other memorabilia from campus protests past and present, at SMU and across the nation, from the days of Anti-war protests to the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus to the Jenna 6.

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