This news item will expire (08/04/10)

  • Starting a small business?
  • Need industry statistics?
  • Want area-specific economic info?

Fondren Library will host an Economic Census
Data Workshop on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010,
from 9am to 12pm CST. The workshop is free and
open to the public, but regitration is required.

Census Bureau Senior Statisticians Andrew
Hait & John Medina will provide hands-on
demonstrations covering aspects of the 2007
Economic Census data release, including:

  • expanded data on small business owners
  • expanded data on franchising, pensions, & fringe benefits
  • geographic coverage
  • employer & non-employer data
  • new publication formats
  • product classification, now for all service sectors

Space is limited! To register online & see more details, go to:

For local details, contact: Julia Stewart (SMU), 214-768-2561,