This news item will expire on (11/01/09)

Over the past year, CUL has added two new audio streaming services that offer music on-demand for our patrons. Meadows faculty in particular who wish to use online audio and video clips should be helped by these two services as the Meadows School is transitioning away from analog media players in the classroom. Students and staff will also find the services convenient and useful. Following are two short descriptions of the new services:

Naxos Music Library provides on-demand streaming access to the complete Naxos and Marco Polo music labels, along with many others. CD liner notes and essays are included. Like the well-known Classical Music Library (CML), from Alexander Street Press, the focus is on Western art music, but there are some oddities–for example, a bit of jazz and Chinese dramatic music. The coverage tends more toward comprehensive coverage of musical works, rather than on well-known performers (which is CML’s point of interest). CML includes some important recordings of well-known works, but users often find glaring holes in coverage; Naxos should be an excellent resource for filling those holes.

DRAM (formerly an acronym for Database of Recorded American Music) provides CD-quality access to audio recordings from New World Records, Composers Recordings (formerly Composers Recordings Inc./CRI), Albany, Innova, Cedille, and other independent labels. The service has veered away from its original focus on American music and grown to include music from around the world; its second focus, on music that is neglected by the major labels and yet “culturally and academically important,” has become most prominent.

Both of the services offer permalinks and other tools for helping to incorporate the music into other sources. Naxos also offers a playlist function for faculty members, allowing them to create playlists within the software for specific courses or subjects.

Naxos Music Library and DRAM may be accessed via the SMU Libraries catalog ( and from the SMU Online Resources indexes and databases menu available at