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7 Characteristics of Good Learners

Over at the Teaching Professor blog, Maryellen Weimer has come up with a list of seven characteristics of good learners.  We might all salivate at the idea of students like this: Good learners are curious Good learners pursue understanding diligently … Continue reading

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Craigslist learning

This week I have some curmudgeonly (that is actually a word that my spell checker ok’d) thoughts to share. My faculty colleague found this CragislistAd [BT update: I’ve posted this link to the ad text, because the original has been … Continue reading

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Helpful or Just Creepy?

My students have reading assignments for every class, and the quality of class discussion depends very much on whether they have read (and even thought about) those pages.  Sometimes, especially at this busy time of year, I suspect that not … Continue reading

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A Sense of Wonder

Today I’m attending the annual conference of the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education, and I heard a keynote address by Michael Wesch, who teaches cultural anthropology at Kansas State. He gave one of those wildly popular TED … Continue reading

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Chasing Sparks

I was recently asked what my favorite part about being a teacher was.  I thought this was an interesting question as being a teacher is a complex job and involves a lot of disparate activities. Who loves serving on boards … Continue reading

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Office Hour Blues: Alone Again, Naturally

One really rewarding teaching experience can be the one-on-one conversations that happen when a student comes to office hours.  The conversation might clear up the student’s confusion; it might allow an exploration of the course’s big themes; it might give … Continue reading

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Should Student Evaluations Matter?

The New York Times has a new “Room for  Debate” forum on “Professors and the Students Who Grade Them.”  Five sets of debaters take contrasting positions on whether and how student opinions on the quality of teaching should matter.  Opinions … Continue reading

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