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It’s Not Just the Students Who Multitask

I started reading the Chronicle piece entitled “You’re Distracted.  This Professor Can Help” feeling very smug and superior.  Those foolish students — why do they not realize that their constant response to electronic devices is counterproductive (and it is).  Checking … Continue reading

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Do I need to make classroom attendance more important?

In a previous blog posting, I outlined my use of a tablet PC in the classroom. One of the ways I use the tablet is to screencast my lecture, recording both the visual output (my notes and PowerPoint) and my … Continue reading

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Higher Ed Faculty: Teachers, Mentors, Advisors, Parents, or Friends?

A recent inquiry by one of my colleagues regarding faculty members’ student attendance policies in class has prompted me to revisit a handful of related questions that I am often asking myself and others: What is the scope of my … Continue reading

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What’s my value as a teacher?

As faculty at an institution of higher education, and private, expensive institution at that, I often discuss the future of education.  In situations that I’m sure many of you have experienced, family and friends often ask me why college is … Continue reading

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Follow CTE on Twitter

CTE has a blog, so could tweeting be far behind?  We think of it as one more way to help you keep up with the latest news in higher education, research on teaching & learning, and CTE’s programs and services.  … Continue reading

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MOOCs for Professor Profit?

Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are all the rage these days.  Usually they’re free.  But a provocative story in the Chronicle highlights a new service that offers “ultra-affordable” MOOCs — and the tuition paid by the online student is split … Continue reading

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An Example of Teaching with Technology

I’ve been fortunate to be a part of the new Teaching with Technology Faculty Learning Community (FLC).  The nine members of the group bring different perspectives to the application of technology in teaching.  Even from reading the various entries in … Continue reading

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Chaucer Doth Tweet, and so can you!

I’ve really enjoyed the recent posts on using blogs in the classroom, so I thought I’d share how some of my colleagues in the English department have been using Twitter to interact with their students and the course material. First, … Continue reading

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Helpful or Just Creepy?

My students have reading assignments for every class, and the quality of class discussion depends very much on whether they have read (and even thought about) those pages.  Sometimes, especially at this busy time of year, I suspect that not … Continue reading

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Reflections of a First-Time Classroom Blogger

This semester, for the first time, I experimented with blogging in one of my seminar courses. I asked the students to post at least one blog entry every other week and to feel free to post additional entries and/or comment … Continue reading

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