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They love me, they hate me?

Each semester I dread and welcome the day I receive the email with the subject line ”Teaching Evaluations”.  In the email, I get access to two things, my quantitative scores and my open-ended student comments. Like many colleagues, I love … Continue reading

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Of Smooth Delivery, Teaching to the Test, and Student Evaluations

This month brought news of two studies that question the correlation between student evaluations of their teachers and student learning. One tested whether the “fluency” of a teacher’s delivery would impact student perceptions or student learning.  The Chronicle describes these … Continue reading

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Teaching and Tenure

As the high cost of university education has come under scrutiny in our fragile economic climate, significant attention has been devoted to the value of tenure. In my small corner of academia, the American Bar Association—the accrediting body for law … Continue reading

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Cheaper! Faster! Better?

In the wake of the nation’s financial hard times, calls for accountability and affordability permeated most industries, including higher education. The buzz hit academia on several fronts, especially in the area of bang-for-the-buck. Political and societal trends toward viewing university … Continue reading

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Plagiarism, copyrights, and things that go bump in the night

Okay, I admit it: the last phrase in the title to this post isn’t original with me. I stole it from an unknown author, although in my defense, it has by now become such a well-known phrase that it has … Continue reading

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Should Student Evaluations Matter?

The New York Times has a new “Room for  Debate” forum on “Professors and the Students Who Grade Them.”  Five sets of debaters take contrasting positions on whether and how student opinions on the quality of teaching should matter.  Opinions … Continue reading

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