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Discrimination and Ethics

I love NPR. I listen on my way to work every morning. My most frequent parking lot moments are on Wednesdays, when I arrive at work just about the time Shankar Vedantam is reporting on recent social science research. This … Continue reading

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Craigslist learning

This week I have some curmudgeonly (that is actually a word that my spell checker ok’d) thoughts to share. My faculty colleague found this CragislistAd [BT update: I’ve posted this link to the ad text, because the original has been … Continue reading

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The Flipped Classroom

Dear [Chairman]: As I hope you are aware, this semester, Professor Stokes has decided to try the “flipped-classroom model.” This involves the students practically teaching all the class material to themselves through the text reading, online “You-Tube” videos, etc. This … Continue reading

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What Do You Think About Algebra?

There was an interesting article in the New York Times this summer called “Is Algebra Necessary?“.  The author is Andrew Hacker, an emeritus political science professor of political science at CUNY, who has co-authored a book entitled Higher Education? How … Continue reading

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