Tech Tapas: A Dozen Ways to Teach with Technology

Tapas It’s a longstanding tradition at SMU to start the school year with the Teaching Effectiveness Symposium. TES offers both returning colleagues and new faculty a forum to celebrate good teaching, share ways to improve it, and greet colleagues from other disciplines.  This year, TES will be held on Thursday, August 22nd, from 8 am to 2 pm.

One topic that’s always popular is teaching with technology, and this year we’re trying something new with two of the breakout sessions:  Tech Tapas — small “plates” of information about pedagogy and technology.  The east end of the Hughes-Trigg ballroom will be set up with eight stations, each demonstrating the teaching and learning made possible by tech tools used in or out of class.  Some are teaching tools; others are new media student assignments. All can be effective and fun.

How is this going to work? Picture a poster session at a conference, but with cocktail tables and laptops instead of posterboard — wander the tapas tables and talk with the faculty and staff members presenting each tool.  Ask questions.  Try it out.  Get handouts with more information about the technology and its uses.  See something you like and want to learn more? Academic Technologies will be right in the middle of things to help you sign up for further training.

Here’s just a taste of the tapas feast:

Portfolios to  Go! (Caroline Kethley)
Curating in Cyberspace: The Virtual Museum Exhibition (Pamela Patton)
Apps for Teaching (Tyeson Seale)
Using Blackboard Blog for Collaborative Writing Assignments (Lori Ann Stephens)
Help from the STARS (Ian Aberle)
Blackboard Basics and Beyond (Steve Snider)
Online Office Hours (David Son)
Storing & Sharing Your Data (David Sedman & Jason Warner)
From Blogs to Webzines (Camille Kraeplin)
Say it Once: Make and Use Screencasts (Barbara Morganfield)
Toward Visual Pedagogy (Ben Voth, Tony Cortese & Dayna Oscherwitz)
Central Command: Information and Sign-Up Area (OIT)

For more information about TES, and to register to attend, click here.  Hope to see you there!

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