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Wikipedia Correction as Class Project

A significant body of research shows that students are more motivated, and do a better job researching and writing, if they do it for an “authentic audience.” As Derek Bruff, the  Director of Vanderbilt Center for Teaching explains: Sharing student … Continue reading

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Present Like a Pro

Hitting the academic conference trail this summer?  Presenting at a conference is a way to shape a professional reputation — and requires some of the same skills as great teaching.  Yet how many times have we sat through deadly readings … Continue reading

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Motivation and Meaning

The Maguire Center has for many years sponsored the Conference on the Professions: an event bringing together legal, theological, and medical professionals to discuss important issues of the day.  Their keynote speaker this year was behavioral economist/psychologist Dan Ariely, known … Continue reading

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Teaching and Tenure

As the high cost of university education has come under scrutiny in our fragile economic climate, significant attention has been devoted to the value of tenure. In my small corner of academia, the American Bar Association—the accrediting body for law … Continue reading

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