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Why the University is Still Relevant in the Age of Wikipedia

Last Friday’s excellent symposium, “Higher-Ed in the Crosshairs,” examined some of the most relevant issues facing our community.  What is the value of a university education?  How does the university confront changes in technology and the demands of an evolving … Continue reading

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Moving Beyond Text

One of my friends on the national teaching-center scene is Chris Clark, the Assistant Director and Learning Technology Lab Coordinator for the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning at Notre Dame.  Chris is also the author of the really helpful … Continue reading

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The Flipped Classroom

Dear [Chairman]: As I hope you are aware, this semester, Professor Stokes has decided to try the “flipped-classroom model.” This involves the students practically teaching all the class material to themselves through the text reading, online “You-Tube” videos, etc. This … Continue reading

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Higher Ed Faculty: Teachers, Mentors, Advisors, Parents, or Friends?

A recent inquiry by one of my colleagues regarding faculty members’ student attendance policies in class has prompted me to revisit a handful of related questions that I am often asking myself and others: What is the scope of my … Continue reading

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Evidence-based Study Skills

How many times have students come to your office and asked your advice about how to study? Perhaps the student was a struggling first year or did poorly on the last test.  What do you tell them? My standard response … Continue reading

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What’s my value as a teacher?

As faculty at an institution of higher education, and private, expensive institution at that, I often discuss the future of education.  In situations that I’m sure many of you have experienced, family and friends often ask me why college is … Continue reading

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Teaching Lessons from Project Runway

Today’s New York Times has a piece reflecting on Project Runway’s Tim Gunn as a model mentor.  His tag line — “Make it Work” — can also ‘work’ for faculty members giving students feedback.  In fact, a Tumblr feed called … Continue reading

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