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While planning our spring semester courses, many of us may be looking for new ways to teach students both content knowledge and research skills. Get a good start with the resources on CTE’s Designing Research Assignments page.  In addition, personal help is available — Carolyn Carpan, CUL’s Assistant Director for Research Services, shares this offer of assistance from the library staff:

“Get I-Tagged” with Help from Your Liaison Librarian

Liaison librarians are available to enhance the effectiveness of the classes you teach. A liaison librarian is assigned to every subject area and is the specialist for understanding the information literacy needs for that particular area.

The importance of having a connection with your personal librarian is highlighted by the need for courses that satisfy the information literacy competencies (the I-tag) in the new university curriculum. When you are ready to “Get I-Tagged” or are considering including a research component in your class, your first stop should be a consultation with your liaison librarian.

What can you expect your liaison librarian to do?

  • Assist you in designing research assignments that match your student learning outcomes and enable your students to find, evaluate, and use information sources effectively
  • Teach class(es) and/or create research guides to help your students get started on their research
  • Meet with students for research consultations as they progress with their work
  • Take faculty suggestions for ordering library materials to support your teaching 

To locate your own liaison librarian, click here for more information.

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