Teaching Toolkit

Toward the end of the semester, many of us could use an energizing new teaching idea.  Or we may be working on planning a spring course.  In either case, here’s a resource full of quick and useful strategies that may provide some inspiration.  “Little Ideas for Teaching” (LIFTs), from the Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology at Illinois State, offers more than twenty suggestions — each with a basic idea, citations to research about its effectiveness, a long list of ways to apply it, and an opportunity to reflect on how the reader might use that technique in teaching his or her own class.  All are short, but the topics range broadly, including things like Engaging Students in Critical Reading, Writing, & Speaking; Grading Student Participation; Smartphones; Building Classroom Communities; Using Infographics; Developing a Course Metaphor; and many more.  Here’s one for right now — Ending the Semester:  Individual and Group Activities.  Try one — it may give you a “lift.”

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