Spotlight on Teaching: DeTemple & Kuenzi Shine in Minute Lectures

What a challenge:  talk for just one minute about an engaging topic within your discipline that is clear, thought-provoking, and might interest students in exploring courses in your department.  The Hilltop Scholars Program is hosting a Sixty Second Lecture Series, bringing great teachers to the program’s dormitory classroom to inspire students to think critically, broaden their horizons, and get excited about academics.  Golden Mustang teaching award winner Jill DeTemple (Dedman/Religious Studies) and Maribeth Kuenzi (Cox/Management & Organizations) kicked off this year’s series, somehow managing to raise provocative questions of ethics and meaning in the allotted time.  Questions and answers (and t-shirts and chicken) followed.  For more information about this event, see the Daily Campus.

This was the third Sixty Second Lecture event.  In the spring of 2011, Willard Spiegelman and Rick Halperin spoke on happiness. Last fall Halperin and Joe Kobylka spoke on justice. What would you do with sixty seconds?

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