Flipping the Classroom

In some ways, it’s one of the oldest methods in teaching:  introduce new material through out-of-class assignments, then use class time to apply, analyze, dig deeper.  In other ways, new technologies like podcasts, video lectures, and automated quizzes open up new possibilities for moving information delivery out of the classroom and active learning in.  Call it “flipping the classroom” or “teaching naked” or just “class,” it can be a great way to engage students and improve learning.  For a helpful overview, see The Flipped Classroom FAQ.

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  1. iDRicky says:

    The “Flipped Classroom” is really intriguing to me. At iD Tech Camps we have exactly one week to teach a concept to a class of 6-8 kids, sometimes under 10 years old. Using a flipped classroom or methods like the Kahn Academy seem to be where we are headed. Lecturing in person seems to be boring to this generation and perhaps the best opportunities are when the teacher becomes less of a “speaker” in the classroom and more of an “active participator/mentor”.

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