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Spotlight on Teaching: DeTemple & Kuenzi Shine in Minute Lectures

What a challenge:  talk for just one minute about an engaging topic within your discipline that is clear, thought-provoking, and might interest students in exploring courses in your department.  The Hilltop Scholars Program is hosting a Sixty Second Lecture Series, … Continue reading

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Office Hour Blues: Alone Again, Naturally

One really rewarding teaching experience can be the one-on-one conversations that happen when a student comes to office hours.  The conversation might clear up the student’s confusion; it might allow an exploration of the course’s big themes; it might give … Continue reading

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Teaching With Blogs

When we assign our students to write things we usually think of traditional papers, but technology has provided us with opportunities for new media and new audiences.  Students can learn not only how to write better but also lessons about … Continue reading

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Should Student Evaluations Matter?

The New York Times has a new “Room for  Debate” forum on “Professors and the Students Who Grade Them.”  Five sets of debaters take contrasting positions on whether and how student opinions on the quality of teaching should matter.  Opinions … Continue reading

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Flipping the Classroom

In some ways, it’s one of the oldest methods in teaching:  introduce new material through out-of-class assignments, then use class time to apply, analyze, dig deeper.  In other ways, new technologies like podcasts, video lectures, and automated quizzes open up … Continue reading

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Welcome to the new CTE Blog

We’re pleased to announce a new blog about teaching & learning, brought to you by CTE’s staff, Advisory Board, the Academy of Distinguished Teachers, and other SMU friends of excellent teaching.  The blog will include teaching ideas, technology tips, and … Continue reading

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