New Faculty Publications from Abraham/Kirby, Rieger, Stevenson-Moessner, Wood

Several of our Perkins faculty members have published new books recently; all of them are currently available for purchase at Cokesbury.

The Oxford Handbook of Methodist Studies–from Oxford University Press; this volume “provides a critical analysis of the life and work of John Wesley and other founding figures of the movement.” It “addresses central theological debates, including the problem of authority and the relation of Wesleyan ideas to liberation theology.” It was edited by William Abraham and Jim Kirby, and also includes contributions from Ted Campbell, Elaine Heath, Robin Lovin, and Harold Recinos.

No Rising Tide: Theology, Economics, and the Future by Joerg Rieger. shows how his “hopeful perspective unfolds in stark contrast to an economy and a religion that thrive on mounting inequality and differences of class.”

Women Out of Order: Risking Change and Creating Care in a Multicultural World is edited by Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner and Teresa Snorton. The volume includes chapters from twenty-five contributors and “pioneers pastoral care of and by women in light of differences in race and ethnic background, class, generations, sexual orientation, and experience with the cultural realities that typically assail women” and “show[s] how pastoral practitioners must ‘risk change’ in exploring other methodologies to provide relevant guidance and to engage the challenges of the emerging frontier of multicultural care.”

Love That Rejoices in the Truth: Theological Explorations by Charles Wood seeks to “deal in one way or another with the liberating promise and the perplexing problem of truth in Christian life and witness, and with the ways that Christian theology and theological education in their various modes struggle both to seek the truth and to foster the aptitude to honor it.”

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