Wesley Study Bible Available for Preorder

This important new release combines the full text of the NRSV with rich study resources contributed by 145 scholars and pastors such as Thomas Bandy, Paul Chilcote, Kenneth Collins, Adam Hamilton, Zan Holmes, Richard Heitzenrater, Ada Maria Isasi Diaz, Ruben Job, J. Ellsworth Kalas, Robert Schnase, William Willimon, Ann Wimberly, and Ben Witherington.

Several Perkins faculty members are among the contributors as well, including Ted Campbell, Paul Escamilla, John Holbert, Hugo Magallanes, Alyce McKenzie, Rebekah Miles, and Joerg Rieger.

In addition to extensive study notes, the Wesley Study Bible includes more than 200 sidebars focused on key Wesleyan terms such as Prevenient Grace, Baptism, Free Will, and New Creation. Life Application Topics been provided by key pastors to help readers fully “live out their Wesleyan faith.”

Samplers which include a portion of the book of James along with a listing of Wesleyan Core Terms and Life Application Topics are available to pick up in the store if you would like more information.

Preorder before December 31st in order to receive the Wesley Study Bible for $24.95, which represents a savings of 35% off the regular price of $39. You can email or call us to place your order.

The Wesley Study Bible will be published in February 2009.

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