Dr. Maria Dixon Hall was appointed to lead SMU’s signature enterprise on diversity and inclusion, The Campus Cultural Intelligence Initiative (CIQ@SMU) on August 1, 2016. More than a singular program, but a series of initiatives, the goal of CIQ@ SMU is to ensure that the faculty, staff, and student of Southern Methodist University are able to effectively create, collaborate, and work on the solutions to change the world regardless of who their colleagues may be. Focused on providing all mustangs with the skills and knowledge to navigate the complex cultural demands of the 21st century, CIQ@SMU as 3 points of impact:

  1. Curriculum and Content: Developing a campus wide cultural intelligence curriculum as well as content for Personal Wellness courses offered in the General Education Curriculum.
  2. Knowledge Sharing and Best Practices: Serving as the repository for information and insights designed to increase cultural intelligence in daily life including professional, social, and educational insights from academic, engineering, business, health/science, legal, theological, social activist, and political scholars and practitioners.
  3. Interventions and Consultations: CIQ@SMU works to provide insight, advice, and training to campus leaders, academic departments, and student organizations in their efforts to ensure that we achieve greater cultural intelligence in our classrooms, coursework/majors, faculty and student recruitment and orientation processes, and our daily life together as mustangs. The Video Professor