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SMUSHies love dessert.

          If there is one thing I know about the SMU Service House residents (or SMUSHies, as they are affectionately called), I know that they love service. Another thing I know about SMUSHies is that they … Continue reading

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Crain All-University Leadership Conference!!!!

Written By: Aliya Prasla Hello World! The Crain All-University Leadership Conference was a few weeks ago and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It was so much fun getting to know the officers of different organizations … Continue reading

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Moral Courage Seminar with Rushworth M. Kidder at SMU on March 6th

We are excited to be hosting the Moral Courage Seminar through the Global Institute for Ethics at SMU on Tuesday, March 6th. We look forward to the many great conversations among those attending from throughout the greater Dallas area. See … Continue reading

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Urban Plunge: Vickery Meadow Neighborhood

Well 2170 – Volunteer Activities During my time taking this class all of the students have explored the well-being that comes from serving others, and developing skills and knowledge to increase  individual effectiveness as a volunteer. All of the students have volunteer with a … Continue reading

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SMUSH Update

My Experience at the Service House I’ve been a resident in the Service House for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it! The Service House is different than any other residence hall I’ve stayed in because it … Continue reading

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Updates from Ashley Nguyen

Author: {The Sweet} Ashley Nguyen Just wanted to write a little update on what’s happening in the SMU Service House. This past week, we had interviews for potential additions to the SMUSH community for the spring semester. I believe we … Continue reading

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Hunger – Health – Housing – Hope

Good Afternoon, everyone! (And Happy National Sandwich Day!) I’m Ashley Nguyen and I am a sophomore at Southern Methodist University. This semester, I am currently in a volunteer class that requires its students to volunteer with one of four selected … Continue reading

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Hello again everyone! There is a super exciting opportunity that is going to be taking place at SMU in November! It is the Southwest Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (SWACURH)! This conference is a place where people from … Continue reading

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Service with a Paw!

Author: Anisha Durvasula {SMU Service House} Community Service. Two words that encompass a world of difference. Yet when most refer to the phrase it is usually targeted towards helping the homeless, tutoring children, or volunteering at a retirement home. Do … Continue reading

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67.5 million

How is it that worldwide 67.5 million children are out of school? A global lack of education is preventing millions of children from escaping the cycle of extreme poverty. It seems that of the 67.5 million children not receiving primary … Continue reading

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