SMUSHies love dessert.






If there is one thing I know about the SMU Service House residents (or SMUSHies, as they are affectionately called), I know that they love service. Another thing I know about SMUSHies is that they love desserts. So, the Aids Services of Dallas No Tie Dinner and Dessert volunteering event was the perfect way to earn House Service Hours for nine  SMUSHies. The Dallas Area Flight Museum hosted the event, and several Dallas-area bakeries brought samples of their desserts for the guests to enjoy. We mingled among the event guests who were participating in a silent auction to benefit the Aids Services of Dallas organization, offering assistance when needed and sampling the desserts. At the end of the event, we broke down the booths and tables with the rest of the volunteers. We spent quality time together, serving Aids Services of Dallas (ASD).

Being a new member of the SMU Service House, I have been spending this semester getting to know the SMUSHies and how the community functions. This event was a wonderful way to come together as a community and to serve the greater Dallas community. I love being a SMUSHie!

Author: Sarah Montonchaikul

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3 Responses to SMUSHies love dessert.

  1. SMUSHie great, wish you success with your ideas

  2. David says:

    I would like to join SMUSH

  3. David says:

    I like that glass of juice that lady is holding. Try to have the best juicer for vegetables if you want to juice vegetables correctly

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