Urban Plunge: Vickery Meadow Neighborhood

Well 2170 – Volunteer Activities

During my time taking this class all of the students have explored the well-being that comes from serving others, and developing skills and knowledge to increase  individual effectiveness as a volunteer. All of the students have volunteer with a nonprofit community agency and have performed 30 hours of community service over the course of the semester, outside of class time. The class session have provided opportunities for students to report and discuss activities in the out-of-class experience. Students have also submitted weekly journals, and been involved in a group project.

I have enjoyed spending my 30 hours of community service on an Urban Plunge trip over fall break in the Vickery Meadows community here in Dallas. The Vickery  Meadows community is a community five miles north of SMU’s campus. This community is an area where refugees are settled on a regular basis. After spending fall break living in
this community I would have to say that even though I came back exhausted I would have to say that I’m beyond blessed. I know that with my short visit I had only seen the tip of the entire iceberg of the community, but this experience has really shaped my personal concerns for refugees and this community has created a much better image of
how difficult it can be for a refugee.

I highly recommend this class to students that are interested at all in giving back to the Dallas community through service.  Register through Access to take this class next semester and feel free to contact the Community Engagement and Leadership Office (CEL) on the first floor of Hughes-Trigg Suite 200 for more information or visit the CEL webpage, http://smu.edu/cel/.

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