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Author: {The Sweet} Ashley Nguyen

Just wanted to write a little update on what’s happening in the SMU Service House. This past week, we had interviews for potential additions to the SMUSH community for the spring semester. I believe we had 10 applications overall and only 3 or so slots to fill. SMUSH residents were able to participate in the interviews by asking the applicants questions, scoring the applicant’s answers to questions, reviewing applicant’s responses to questions from the application, and leaving comments on their overall impression of the
applicant. For the other residents who weren’t able to participate in the interviews, they were able to review each applicant’s responses to the questions on their applications and write comments on a comment sheet next to the applicant’s name. I got to sit in on 5 of the interviews with the applicants and it was a whole new experience for me since I’ve always been on the applicant’s side. All of the applicants that I got to talk to in person seemed
like they would assimilate well into the SMUSH community, which I’m sure made
it harder for the Residential Community Director and the Recruitment Committee to
pick the best applicants of the bunch. E-mails were sent out last Friday to all of the applicants and they should know where they stand. As for the rest of SMUSH, we will probably find out the results during our next house meeting.

Also, before I end this entry, here’s a little bit of promoting for a Volunteer Opportunity that my Wellness 2170 group created:

On Saturday, November 19th, 2011, we will be beautifying the grounds around the Ashby apartment complex from 12pm-3pm. All of the equipment that we will need to complete this project will be provided, so all you as a volunteer would need to bring is yourself, comfortable clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty, and a smile. There will be a cookout after the event as a thank you to all who volunteers their time and effort with
our group! For more information and/or to express your interest, email Ben Franco (bfranco@smu.edu), Zia Reeves (zreeves@smu.edu), or me (nguyen@smu.edu)!


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