Service with a Paw!

Author: Anisha Durvasula {SMU Service House}

Community Service. Two words that encompass a world of difference. Yet when most refer to the phrase it is usually targeted towards helping the homeless, tutoring children, or volunteering at a retirement home. Do not get me wrong these are all wonderful opportunities yet I would like to take a moment and advocate for some of my furry friends who are unable to do so for themselves. Unfortunately many of us tend to overlook animals when deciding where to allocate their volunteer time. From my own experience as a volunteer at a local animal shelter for the past six years, I would truly say that they are all really missing out.  There are so many different aspects of a shelter that one can be a part of whether it be during feeding time, cleaning the cages (not fun but I promise the animals are grateful!), administrative work, or my personal favorite, playing time! It is vital for animals to be cared for but most off all it is most important that they are loved. We all have people in our lives, materialistic distractions, and recreational games etc but an animal only has us. We are a combination of people, distractions and games for the animals. I urge all of you to try and take some time out for the animals, even if it just a visit. As for those of us with allergies to animals, we can still help by word of mouth. Just letting people know such opportunities exist, encouraging them to adopt, and even
helping find sponsors for animal shelters and the cause are just as essential. I hope you all consider lending a helpful paw in the future!

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