Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York!!

Hi everyone! I’m Aliya Prasla and I am a junior at Southern Methodist University! This year I am the site-leader for the Alternative  Breaks trip to New York for Spring break 2012! We are working with God’s Love We Deliver. This is a really amazing organization because they are the “leading provider of nutritious, individually-tailored meals to people who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves.” The organization was started in 1985 with a lady (pictured below) delivering meals to a man dying from AIDS and now they deliver 4,000 meals each day!

At God’s Love We Deliver they are all about food and love! People wake up early every
morning and start cooking soups and sauces! While the soup is being prepared, meat, vegetables and bread are also being cooked! This is a super early riser organization and by 8:00AM, over 1400 soups and 1000 dinner entrees have already been labeled and lidded! There are plenty of other shifts after super early one, and the other shifts work on preparation for the next day’s meals! In every dessert the organization makes, in every dinner entree and soup that it makes there is always a lot of hard-work and love put into it!

We will help in delivering and preparing the food! If you are interested in joining me on this wonderful New York City adventure, fill out an application for Alternative Break Spring 2012! The link is provided here: http://smu.edu/cel/asb/


Aliya Prasla


And congratulations to Essete who won our awesome giveaway last week! :) Stop by the center (Hughes-Trigg 200) to pick up your prize!

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  1. What you are doing were really great. Not a lot of people who has extra free time finds in themselves the urge and desire to allocate their time to help others and do helpful deeds to the community. Keep it up.

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