The SMU Service House

Author: Ryan Writt

The SMU Service House (SMUSH) is described as “community that was founded on August 26, 1996 of 28 students, typically second-year to graduate students, dedicated to service and social change. The purpose of SMUSH is to develop and nurture a community focused on cooperative responsibility, experiential education, and social action in order to promote self-awareness and community understanding. The residents of the Service House, fondly known as “SMUSHIES”, participate 30 hours of group and individual service hours each semester. Residence Life & Student Housing and the Community Engagement & Leadership Center jointly sponsor the Service House and its programs.”

But SMUSH is so much more than any words that could be put on paper. SMUSH is a family. We have weekly house dinners, BBQs, game nights, and lately have been addicted to the Wii. Each member of the Service House comes from a different background and a different walk of life, but we are all there to fulfill a common goal, service. All of our house members have a love and a trust for one another that goes above and beyond. We are a house, but more importantly we are a home.

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