Alternative Break 2011: Working in L.A.

Hello! I am Aliya Prasla, and I was the Co-Site leader for the Alternative Spring Breaks trip to Los Angeles.

We worked with the AIDS Project Of Los Angeles (APLA) and I learned so much about AIDS and the community! It was such a fantastic experience working for APLA.

A man spoke to us about his life with AIDS and how he has dealt with his sickness. It was really amazing because he was in the original cast for the Chorus Line and most of his counterparts had already died from AIDS. He was one of the few to survive. He is now in his 60s, but looks like he is in his younger 30s! He had an extremely vibrant personality and his story was incredibly inspiring.

Although we did not get to do actual community outreach at APLA, it was still rewarding to think about how much we had helped the agency with all the paperwork that needed to be filed. During the week, we finished all the filing that would have taken the staff at APLA months to complete! I would really love to go back to LA and volunteer at APLA again!

-Aliya Prasla
Class of 2013
Psychology Major

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  1. Fanny says:

    That’s a knowing answer to a diulicfft question

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