Alternative Break 2011: “I think I’ll go to Boston.”

My alternative spring break trip to Boston, MA was incredibly valuable to me as an individual and as a leader in a service organization. Being completely immersed in service and surrounded by others who had similar goals as I did was much more impacting than simply going to a service project once a week.

Working with homelessness for the week in this intense way showed me how incredibly lucky I am to not only attend college but a prestigious private school that fosters excellence and supports my endeavors at that. And I know that I am here because of the support of my family and the financial backing that my father worked hard to secure.

Realizing how lucky I am to have this kind of life has instilled me a sense of purpose. I will not waste the opportunity I have been given. And part of that means giving back and helping make other’s lives better.

I think it is important for college students to have life changing experiences like I did while on my AB trip; students need to know how lucky they are. My hope is that more and more students at SMU will come to a similar realization as I have because of AB trips or volunteering in other ways.

Carissa Grisham
Class of 2014
Marketing Major

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