Thoughts on Leadership

Leadership is defined by a multitude of words and phrases: being active citizen, performing community service, reaching for a common goal. One defining word that strikes me, as an emerging business leader, as important is “initiative”.

To me, leadership is a person’s ability to see an opportunity to work for the greater good and then have the initiative to actually accomplish their goals. This is something most people are too lazy or scared to do.

The initiative component of leadership is key at all levels of leading and for all different settings. It takes initiative for the high school student council president to get up in front of the council to speak. It also takes initiative for a CEO to lead a company in a more socially aware direction. It is about the leaders doing something others will not do, taking the initiative even if there are risks.

As an exercise to develop the leader is all of us, make a point to take the initiative this week. Research something you are passionate about and then take that next step to get involved by contacting those who can point you in the right direction. Get your friends or group members excited about an upcoming event or project. See the opportunities to lead and then take the initiative!

-Carissa Grisham

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