Thoughts on Leadership…

When I came to SMU I wasn’t exactly sure what it meant to be a leader.

Although leadership was a recurring topic at all the orientation sessions, faculty and student leaders reiterated the need to get involved. I was not really sure if I had what it took. I wondered if I was good enough to lead people into anything, what would I lead them in, and who in the world would want to follow?

After getting involved with LCI, I realized that leadership is not some innate trait possessed by only the chosen few in society. Leadership is something that you learn, and there are many ways to accomplish your goals. It can be a daunting position to hold, everyone is counting on you to get the job done, but if you work with your team and build others along the way, you have done your job. Leading should not be something that you are scared to do, once you immerse yourself in the experience it is loads of fun!

As a leader it is imperative that you always stay true to yourself, but don’t ever be afraid to make mistakes or branch out of your comfort zone. It is how you learn, and in the end it will make you a much better leader!

-Essete Workneh

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