Great start to the school year!

School is underway and there are so many opportunities that LCI offers to start the school year off right!

Emerging Leaders, LEAD, Leadership Certificate Program, and our newest program, Service Leadership Fellows are all phenomenal ways to improve your leadership development. Emerging Leaders is a selective program for up to 50 first year students where they will meet with campus and community leaders, be paired up with an alumni and student mentor, and learn to network, all while gaining great leadership skills. This is my third year being apart of Emerging Leaders, and I absolutely love to watch the students grow and develop through their first semester of college.

LEAD is SMU’s only leadership development program, and this year LEAD is completely revamping the entire organization: bringing in new people, new ideas, and new programs. If you have been to a LEAD meeting before and you think you know what it is about, go again! We are making some great new changes and are excited to see how this year turns out!
The Leadership Certificate Program was on hiatus last semester, but now it is back and better than ever! The program is geared towards juniors and seniors who are looking to better develop their skills and boost their resume.

And finally, Service Leadership Fellows is a new and exciting program for first and second year students looking to improve their skills in service leadership. The Service Leadership Fellows will have the opportunity learn how to successfully hold service leadership projects while personally developing your talents and skills. There are so many opportunities to not only become involved, but to develop yourself as a student leader not only at SMU, but in the Dallas community, as well as your hometown.

Yvonne Pitts
Class of 2012
Sociology and Psychology Major

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