Paige Yaney


SMU’s reputation was a deciding factor in choosing the CAPE program. With my Baylor undergraduate degree, and my master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma, choosing SMU rounds out my résumé nicely.

Robert Stahl


I would recommend the copywriting class in particular. While the class was fast and furious, it honed my skills and helped me identify my own strengths and weaknesses. The way the curriculum is presented and the number of topics covered help sharpen your writing skills with laser precision.

Brian Sullivan


We try to give User Experiene students practical experience and training so they work on a real project they could present to future employers. It’s helping to build the case as to why a Dallas-area corporation should hire a CAPE student.

Gretchen Behnke


After several successful years as a corporate manager, I had the beginning of the idea that I wanted to have 
my own business, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. My financial planner and I started tossing around 
the idea of financial planning as a business for me.

Teresa Rafidi


I love my students. They are eager, fun, easy going, humble and energetic. They love being in the class and always want to learn more. It is a joy to see when it starts to click.

Daniel O’Donoghue


During my studies I had the opportunity to teach undergraduate class piano courses at SMU, and I loved the format and interaction with a group of students. I had heard about a program for adults called recreational music making and found that CAPE would provide the perfect environment for me to bring a 
group of people together to learn piano.

Kari Yeh


I enjoyed the entire digital marketing certificate experience and appreciated the opportunity to meet people in class while I was transitioning to a new job. It was fun to learn as a group. The program helped me strengthen my digital marketing skills and find a new position in marketing.

Allan Z. Tobias


My friends had recommended SMU as a school for certificate courses, and when I first enrolled with 
SMU and started classes, all they said was true. The instructors managed to present an incredible amount 
of material while still making it fun and giving us time for discussion.

Steve Lee, APR


CAPE students are attentive and thirsty to learn how to apply social media to their current or future jobs. Most come from marketing and need a deep understanding of how social fits into the overall marketing planning, not just as a separate function.

Stacey Soper


I have taken approximately 60 courses. I try to take at least one or two every semester and have been 
doing so since the early 1990s!

Nina Flores


At my high school, many of my friends have taken their test prep classes through SMU and they recommended 
it to me.

M.C. Roman


I started taking Printmaking with Peter Ligon in fall 2009, and I have been taking the course every spring 
and fall since then. I have learned a lot, and I still learn something new each time.

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