By any measure, SMU enjoyed an extraordinary 2012.

The University continued to attract growing numbers of top students from around the United States and the world. SMU faculty made international news through pioneering research initiatives, such as contributing to the identification of the Higgs boson particle, regarded as the most important advance in physics in 50 years.

SMU’s centennial observances, such as our second annual Founders’ Day Weekend, helped the University engage alumni, parents and friends in the life of the institution. We published a thorough report chronicling the University’s impact on Dallas as well as a colorful commemorative book celebrating the gifts that have made possible the development of our beautiful campus.

And we embarked upon a new major phase of campus development in fulfillment of SMU’s Centennial Master Plan.

As exciting as this progress may be, SMU is poised for an even more extraordinary 2013.

This spring we are anticipating the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Center and all that it will bring to SMU and our nation. The dedication of this new resource for students, scholars and the public will shine an international spotlight on the Hilltop, as we welcome dignitaries from around the world.

It further represents a chance to highlight the essential role that SMU’s libraries play in supporting learning and advancement in every academic field. The importance of the University’s libraries will be emphasized throughout 2013 as part of SMU’s centennial commemoration.

As we celebrate SMU’s achievements, we must also continue to draw support for student quality, faculty and academic excellence and the campus experience. Contributions for scholarships remain a special priority as one of the best ways to help students and families respond to the escalating costs of higher education that colleges and universities are experiencing nationally.

Much of the University’s progress is the direct result of contributions to The Second Century Campaign. With the success of the campaign to date, it is now time to redouble our efforts to ensure the brightest possible future for the University.

Thank you for your contributions, commitment and energy at this crucial moment in the history of SMU.


R. Gerald Turner