On September 12, 2008, SMU launched The Second Century Campaign, the largest fundraising initiative in the University’s history. A year later, the results are clear.

Thanks to the hard work of campaign volunteers and others committed to ensuring a bright future for SMU, the campaign has achieved a number of significant milestones despite the economic downturn. And the University continues to make important progress in every area.

This month, SMU exceeded the halfway mark toward The Second Century Campaign’s goal of $750 million. Cash receipts for the fiscal year, including gifts and payments, exceeded $100 million, representing the highest level of giving in the history of SMU. The total includes several large pledge payments, as well as gifts of all sizes, from $1 to more than $1 million.

That total also includes the largest athletics annual fund results in history. In addition, the total number of donors giving $1 million or more has reached 55. By way of comparison, SMU received 113 gifts of that size during the entirety of SMU’s last campaign, “A Time to Lead.” Stated another way, after the campaign’s first public phase year, the University has already received 48 percent of the number of leadership gifts received during the previous campaign.

The complex economic environment has had an impact on the campaign, with the average size of gifts having decreased in spring 2009 as compared to spring 2008. However, the total number of donors increased, confirming that the excitement generated by the campaign and by volunteer efforts has had a positive impact on broadening the campaign’s base of support. Most importantly, the campaign has had an impact on every area of the University.