Wastewater, Environment, and Health in Coastal Tourism Areas:  Wastewater pollution contributes to environmental degradation and creates public health risks for people who recreate at the beach. How can we protect human health and environmental futures by improving collaborations between anthropologists, engineers, and biologists and bettering design for wastewater management technologies that mitigate and remediate wastewater pollution?

Transboundary Watershed Management and Pollution in the Western Balkans

Multiple Waste Streams in Transboundary Systems: Transboundary (multi-country) watersheds are difficult to manage collaboratively. In these spaces, plastic waste, wastewater, mining waste, and toxic substances flow in and out of different countries’ jurisdictions, and inappropriate upstream disposal causes downstream problems. How do we address both the sources of pollution, as well as the collaborative policies and built infrastructure necessary to safeguard surface water in these regions?

Alternative Nutrient Management Strategies in Cape Cod

QMRA & De facto Wastewater Irrigation in Bolivia

Water and Sanitation Infrastructure in Rural Bolivia

A home in Boliva