Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

  • 2017 Maryann R. Cairns, Cassandra Workman, and Indrakshi Tandon. “Gender mainstreaming and water development projects: analyzing unexpected envirosocial impacts in Bolivia, India, and Lesotho.” Gender, Place & Culture.
  • 2017 Maryann R. Cairns, Clayton Cox, Jose Zambrana, Joseph Flotemersch, Alexis Lan, Anna Phillips, Gordana Kozhuharova, Mihallaq Qirjo, Marta Szgeti Bonifert, and Lek Kadeli. “Building multi-country collaboration on watershed management: Lessons on linking environment and public health from the Western Balkans.” Reviews on Environmental Health.
  • 2016 Matthew Verbyla, Erin Symonds, Ram Kafle, Maryann R. Cairns, Mercedes Iriarte, Alvaro Mercado, Olver Coronado, Mya Breitbart, Carmen Ledo, and James Mihelcic. “Managing microbial risks from indirect wastewater reuse for irrigation in urbanizing watersheds.” Environmental Science & Technology.
  • 2016 Wells, Christian, Rebecca Zarger, Linda Whiteford, James R. Mihelcic, Eric S. Koenig, and Maryann R. Cairns “The Impacts of Tourism Development on Perceptions of Wastewater management on the Placencia Peninsula” Journal of Cleaner Production, 111(B):430-441.
  • 2015 Matthew Verbyla, Maryann R. Cairns, Paola A. Gonzalez, Linda M. Whiteford, James R. Mihelcic. “Emerging challenges for pathogen control and resource recovery in natural wastewater treatment systems.” WIREs Water 2(6): 701-714.

Book Chapters

  • 2016 Whiteford, Linda, Maryann R. Cairns, Rebecca Zarger, and Gina Larsen. “Water, Environment, and Health: The Political Ecology of Water.” In Merrill Singer, ed. A Companion to Environmental Health: Anthropological Perspectives.

Manuscripts Under Review

  • Maryann R. Cairns, “Analyzing the concurrent pressures of conservation,
    sustainability, health impact, and equity in use.” Under Review At World

Manuscripts in Prep

  • Maryann R. Cairns, Erin Symonds, Matthew Verbyla, Ram Kafle, Mercedes Iriarte, Carmen Ledo, and James Mihelcic. “Wastewater Reuse for Agriculture,
    Environmental Change, and Human Health Risk in Cochabamba Valley, Bolivia.”  In preparation for Environmental Health Perspectives.
  • Maryann R. Cairns and Daniel Hicks “Networking Scholars leveraging Bibliometrics for Western Balkan Watershed Management.” In preparation for Social Networks.
  • Maryann R. Cairns, Laurel Schaider, Kathryn Rodgers, and Sia Karplus. “Analyzing Perceptions of Alternative nutrient management solutions and eco-toilets in Falmouth, MA.” In Preparation for Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning.

Book Reviews

  • 2013 Maryann R. Cairns. Review of Remapping Bolivia: Resources, Territory, and Indigeneity in a Plurinational State, Nicole Fabricant and Bret Gustafson (Eds.) School for Advanced Research Press Santa Fe, NM, 2011. Journal of Ecological Anthropology 16(1):110-112.


  • 2014 Maryann R. Cairns, “Environment, Rights, and Waste in Bolivia: Addressing Water and Sanitation Processes for Improved Infrastructure.” Committee: Elizabeth Bird, chair (USF Anthropology), Linda Whiteford (USF Anthropology), Rebecca Zarger (USF Anthropology), James Mihelcic (USF Environmental Engineering), Michelle Hughes-Miller (USF Women’s Studies).

Technical Publications and Reports

  • 2013 Ronan, Larry, Sowmya Rao, Karen Kuhlthau, Neil Hendrick, and Maryann R. Cairns. “Rapid Health Facility Capacity and Utilization Assessment” Prepared for the Jordanian Ministry of Health in Collaboration with World Health Organization and Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, focused on Syrian refugee integration into Jordanian Health System.
  • 2013 Maryann R. Cairns, Loic Laureau, Jacob McGuire, Melissa Mora, Electra Sagrario, Ryan Schweitzer, Susana Struve, Guillaume Tamagnan, and Matthew Verbyla. “Evaluación de la Capacidad Institucional para Alcanzar la Cobertura Total y la Sostenibilidad por Siempre en Bolivia: ¿Cobertura Total por Siempre? o ¿Por Siempre, Cobertura Total?” World Water Corps Evaluation.
  • 2012 Ann Marie Winter, Maryann R. Cairns, Micah Boyer. “Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society Continuum of Care Pilot Project for Darfuri Refugees: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of HIAS’ Intervention.” HIAS Evaluation.
  • 2009 Maryann R. Cairns Supporting the Successful Integration of Burundian Refugees. U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. Heartland Alliance Evaluation.

Public and Engaged Scholarship (*Invited)

  • 2014 Verbyla, Matt, and Maryann Cairns. Case Study: Reducing Risk from De Facto Wastewater Reuse in Bolivia. Includes Video: “QMRA for Lettuce Irrigation in Bolivia.”
  • *2013 Maryann R. Cairns. “KoBo—Mobile Data Collection in the Field.” Addresses mobile data collection for anthropologists, with
    field-based critique and analysis.
  • *2011 Maryann Cairns. “Experiences with KoBo and ODK in Bolivia.” Addresses the functionality of ODK and KoBo software in field-based pilot research.