Lab Team

Meet our lab team…

Postdoctoral Fellow

We are currently recruiting a postdoctoral fellow for our team. Learn more here.

Graduate Student

Megan Brown is a doctoral student in the anthropology program at SMU. Her interests include the shifting patterns of health and disease in areas of environmental transition, social cohesion in times of disaster, and the morality of cost-effectiveness. Visit her webpage here.

Undergraduate Students

Katherine Linares is an undergraduate research assistant in the Cairns Lab. She is majoring in environmental studies with minors in anthropology and psychology. In Spring 2017, she studied abroad in Costa Rica, where she studied sustainable development. Katherine is a Mustang Scholar, a member of SMU’s Multicultural Greek Council, and a Peer Advisor for SMU Abroad.

Prospective Students

The Cairns lab is a new and growing anthropology research lab. If you are an undergraduate student at SMU or a prospective graduate student interested in joining the lab, please reach out to Dr. Cairns directly.