Boaz loves our First-Year Senators!

Vivian FrederickNick McLaughlin

Boaz Commons is a great place to be a student in right now! This week, the SMU Student Senate held elections for First-Year Senators, and we are so pleased to announce that out of the 5 freshmen senators chosen for the position, 2 of them are Boaz residents! Vivian Frederick and Nick McLaughlin dutifully persevered through all of the campaigning and did their best to let everyone know that they were the best candidates for the position.

With Nick and Vivian representing the freshmen in Student Senate, Boaz Commons residents will, without a doubt, be able to freely voice their opinions about changes at SMU that can benefit people from all of campus. Both Vivian and Nick are examples of how residents in Boaz are not only diligent and hard-working, but also full of zeal for everything they are involved in. We are so proud of you both and cannot wait to hear about other resident victories in the future!

Written by Shilpa Kudva, Boaz Commons RA.

Against All Odds: How the Boaz Olympians Conquered the RC Olympics

RC Olympics Shots

As the sun reached its peak on Friday afternoon, the temperature and humidity on the unshaded Wescott field raised to almost unbearable levels for the Opening Ceremonies of the RC Olympics. These conditions deterred even some of the bravest students at SMU; however, a ragtag group of our very own Boaz residents arrived in their best gold and cerulean blue with determined, shining faces. This post gives props to the Boaz men and women who participated in the RC Olympics.

As the smallest Residential Commons on campus, we were considered the underdogs in the fight for the prestigious RC Olympics victory plaque, but as the old Mark Twain quote goes, “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”  The size of the fight in the Olympians from even the biggest RCs paled in comparison to the Boaz competitors’ and supporters’ vigor.

From Bubble Soccer to Human Battleship, the hearts of our Boaz representatives burst with enthusiasm and competitive spirit in every event. In the end, the Boaz RC Olympics team left their opposition stunned. Their performance was unprecedented, their spirit unmatched, and their glorious victory unimaginable.

Boaz RC Olympic team, you are the real MVPs.

Written by Alec Bucshon, Boaz Commons RA.

Heidi Son: the sweetest Boaz mom ever!

HeidiThis week, we want to give a shout out to Mrs. Heidi Son! Thank you, thank you for all of your help, welcoming personality, and snacks and desserts these last few weeks.

As an RA, I was unsure of the level of involvement the FiR’s family was going to have, and Heidi has become so interested and active in our lives and Boaz events. Even before school started, Heidi and David hosted two dinners, including a Korean BBQ, for the RAs and made us feel so welcome.

During the reception before Convocation, Heidi had a delicious spread of various dips, punch, and fruit salad with her famous fruit dip. She helped everyone get food smoothly and everyone raved about the caramel dip. At dessert night, Heidi had lemon cake waiting and wrote down each resident’s name that she met in an effort to remember him or her. She is always interested in our lives, extracurricular activities and even residents’ room set-ups! Residents have commented about how friendly Heidi has been, and how nice it is to have a mother-figure around Boaz. Heidi has been present at nearly every Boaz program and is always ready to talk with the residents about life.

We are so appreciative of everything you do Heidi!

Written by Olivia Buerkle, Boaz Commons RA

Shout-out to the Welcome Crew!

Boaz Commons Welcome Crew (2)

Boaz Commons Welcome Crew 2014

Boaz Commons is so proud of Welcome Crew for Move-In Day! Boaz wouldn’t be the same without the hard work of Anna Scott, Nadine, Matt, Nehal, Christina, Samantha, Sara, Miranda, Amy, Deanna, Allie, Jessica, Kaitlyn, and Alli to help the members of Boaz Commons move into their home for this school year.

These sophomores dedicated their time to help move in the first years into Boaz and their impact couldn’t have been greater. Each served a crucial part during the move in process, whether it was cheering with excitement, moving boxes into the building, or answering any questions the anxiety-filled parents had. One Boaz resident commented that the Welcome Crew treated her like royalty, she didn’t have to lift a finger, and they each were so helpful during move-in.  Boaz Commons and we, the Resident Assistants (RAs), are ever so grateful for the wonderful sophomores that gave their time to help ease the transition into Boaz for the first years and their parents; they made being a  member of Boaz Commons, as well as a RA here, that much more special.

Written by Jasmine Richardson, Boaz Commons RA

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Introducing: RCD Katie Bell

Boaz Commons is excited to introduce our 2014-2015 Residential Community Director, Katie Bell!
Katie Bell BIGKatie grew up in Pennsylvania with her parents and two sisters, Maggie and Emily.  At first, she went to college in upstate New York but transferred to Northwestern College in Iowa after her first year.  After getting her B.A. in Religion with a minor in Psychology, Katie attended Azusa Pacific University where she received her M.S. in College Counseling & Student Development.  In 2011, Katie began working at SMU in the Service House.  After two years there, she decided to move into Boaz! She is excited to help Boaz transition into a Commons and get to know all the residents who will live there.  In her spare time, Katie enjoys talking with people, drinking coffee, cooking meals for guests, and watching TV (Modern Family and Scandal are two current favorites).

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Introducing: FiR David Son

Boaz Commons is excited to introduce our very first Faculty-in-Residence, Dr. David Son!  FiR Son has been at SMU for 18 years and is a professor in the Department of Chemistry and undergraduate advisor in the department.  If you’re interested in organometallic chemistry or polymer synthesis, you should definitely talk with FiR Son because those are his areas of research.

In his spare time, FiR Son enjoys photography and running. He also likes to play basketball, softball, and volleyball. FiR Son’s favorite TV shows are American Pickers, Breaking Bad, and SportsCenter. An interesting fact about FiR Son is that he is the chief bellringer for the Fondren Science belltower and is a regular pianist at his church.

FiR Son’s family also moved into Boaz this summer so you’ll probably see his wife of 19 years, Heidi, and their two kids, Geoffrey and Kaylee.  Heidi is a stay-at-home mom, and likes to volunteer at the kids’ schools. She enjoys reading, eating, watching movies, surfing the internet for bargains, and planning trips. Geoffrey is 11 years old and will be entering the 6th grade. He loves to bake and cook, garden (he can make anything grow!), watch YouTube videos to learn something new, and build things with his Lego sets. Kaylee is 8 years old and will be entering the 3rd grade. She likes to draw, play with Lego Friends, dress up her Barbies, dolls, and stuffed animals, and tease her big brother.

The Sons are excited to be a part of the Boaz family and have been looking forward to the opportunity to live in the Boaz Commons almost since they heard of the Faculty-in-Residence program through FiR Son’s departmental coordinator.  Two of the biggest perks FiR Son sees is living close to work and having the opportunity to get to know students outside the classroom.  In a Daily Campus article, FiR Son was quoted as saying, “We’re hoping to get to know the residents at a more informal level. I expect our relationships with the residents to be different than faculty-student relationships in a classroom or laboratory setting. At the same time, I don’t expect all the students in our commons will be open to these interactions, but that’s perfectly OK.”

Heidi loves to bake and host small groups, so she and FiR Son are looking forward to getting to know students through get-togethers that involve delicious baked goods. The Sons are also looking forward to weekly runs with students, hosting dinners at their apartment, movie nights, and getting groups of Boaz residents together for events on campus and in Dallas.