Amy: VP extraordinaire

This wAmy Golemeek our Resident Spotlight focuses on Amy Golem! Amy is a sophomore majoring in Engineering Management Information and Systems—EMIS for short. She grew up in Plano, TX, and went to Plano West where she play on the soccer team. At SMU, she is in Chi Omega Fraternity and she is the VP of Programing in Student Foundation. As VPP of SF, she helps organize all major on campus events such as the Tate Lecture series and Family Weekend. She is also Vice President of Internal Affairs for the Society of Woman Engineers, where she plans meetings with engineering companies in the Dallas area who come and speak to their members.  Amy enjoys spending time outside and playing soccer on Dallas Hall lawn. She loves Boaz and hopes to get to know all of you!

Vivian: all-star Senator

FrederickThis week we are featuring Vivian Frederick, who was re-elected as Student Senate Pre-Major Senator! This will be her second term as senator, after a successful first term working on projects like the new student center research team. “I’m so excited for the opportunity to serve as the Pre-Major Senator for this upcoming year! Alongside other Boaz residents, Nick McLaughlin and Will Jones, I will make sure to represent everyone in Boaz as well as other students to the absolute fullest. This will be a great year to make changes on campus that will have a lasting impact on SMU!” We congratulate you, Vivian, along with Nick and Will!

Will: Our New RA

Will RHello everyone! This week for our Boaz resident spotlight, we would like to highlight Will Richardson. As many of you may know, Will is returning to Boaz next year as the new 4th Floor Resident Assistant. Here are a few quick facts about him!

Will is originally from Austin Texas and is a BBA Scholar majoring in Accouting and Sports Management. He is an active member of BYX, and his faith is incredibly important to him. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball with his friends and watching TV. In high school, he was a member of NHS and played two varsity sports. The Boaz community looks forward to welcoming Will to the RA staff.

Written by Alec Bucshon, Boaz Resident Assistant.

The Dynamic Duo

Katie and Madhulika  are possibly the two most enthusiastic roommates around. Upon their new RAs entrance at semester, they informed that they are her new neighbors and “so loud…sorry”. These girls have been nothing but the best welcome team! This pair is seemingly different as Madhulika is pre med, studying Biology while Katie is a theater major in Meadows; but they do have one major thing in common…cookies! Madhulika shared that they are “absolutely obsessed with cookies and we almost always have them in our room”, what better way to bond than over a midnight snack. Come up to the penthouse and meet Madhulika and Katie!

Written by Maggie Harper, Boaz Resident Assistant.

Who’s in ROTC, like photography, and loves Boaz?

JustinJustin Chang is a First Year from Irvine, California and he plays on the Rugby team for SMU!  He is a part of ROTC with plans to go to the Army, but is also considering a creative photography lifestyle. Although he lives in a different wing, he spends a lot of time hanging with Matt Case and Avery Miller (who we learned about a couple weeks back). They are essentially the three musketeers of Boaz! As cliché as it sounds, Justin does enjoy long walks on the beach and cookies and cream ice cream (oh and he’s single too ladies!) Justin is an incredible guy with a imaginative personality and is so happy to be a part of the Boaz Community! I’d say it would be worth your while to get to know him!

Written by Jasmine Richardson, Boaz Commons RA.

The “Father” of Boaz

GrantYou may know him as the “Father of Boaz,” or perhaps “the guy with the baseball cap.” I introduce to you Grant Potepan, a first-year who hails from Baltimore, Maryland. Grant grew up with one older brother and a passion for engineering. He attended an all-boys Jesuit high school call Loyola Blakefield, where he played both football and lacrosse. Grant chose to come to SMU because it was medium-sized but still possessed many of the qualities that a big-state school could provide. Here, he is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and enjoys the first year design class in which he has been able to apply his engineering skills immediately. What Grant likes most about Boaz is how close everyone is. Take time to meet Grant and get to know him better! You can find him on any given night chillin’ in the third floor lounge.

Written by Alec Bucshon, Boaz Commons Resident Assistant.

Marathons, BYX & Boaz

Travis & JoeTravis Siems and Joe Phillips are the residents in the hot seats this week! Both are my residents in Boaz and are interesting guys everyone should get to know.

Travis is from Carrollton, TX and is a computer science major. He has some roots in Lyle; he is a Lyle Ambassador, his brother (a junior at SMU) is also a computer science major, and his dad is an EMIS professor here! Travis says he enjoys Boaz because of the great community and how it is easy to hang out with everyone. Last Friday, he was part of a group of residents that played poker until the wee hours of the morning. Both Travis and his roommate, Dillon, are long distance runners. Travis plans on running a marathon on December 14th! Other hobbies of his include improvising on the piano (he claims he can’t read music too well), country dancing, and playing racquetball. He is a BYX pledge and spends his extra time doing pledgeship activities.

Joe Phillips is from San Clemente, CA majoring in economics and “something in business.” Joe’s favorite part about Boaz is “the fire-starting microwaves.” He was a part of my Mustang Corral group back in August. On campus, he is involved with BYX, intramural sports and One28. His hobbies include playing basketball, reading, and spending time with his family. Something people may not know about Joe is that he has run a few marathons! Joe is also a BYX pledge.

You can often find Joe and Travis hanging out in the lounge; get to know them sometime!

Written by Olivia Buerkle, Boaz Resident Assistant


The Penthouse Loves Anna Scott & Zach

Anna ScottZachTwo of the coolest people in Boaz, and residents of the Penthouse, are Anna Scott and Zach. Here are some facts you may not know about them!

Anna Scott is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. She lived there her whole life and loves it. Before she got to SMU Anna Scott played golf in high-school was involved in student government. Here at SMU Anna Scott is involved in Student foundation, Chi-Omega, and she is a student ambassador (dream job). Her favorite Atlanta based rapper is T-Pain, and she actually dressed up as the “I am T-Pain App” once. On the note of costumes, Anna Scott boasts a massive costume collection. Her favorite costume that she owns is a full Buddy the Elf costume. For those of you have not met Anna Scott, you should get to know her. For those of you who have not heard Anna Scott… you probably will soon.

Zach is from Thousand Oaks, California. He currently is a member of the band playing the trumpet. His favorite trumpet player is Myles Davis (duh). His favorite movie is “The Artist.” One of the coolest things that Zach is currently doing is applying to create a Moot Court Organization. Moot Court is a form of competition where teams uses case law to argue constitutional arguments based on the amendments in front of a panel judges. It is awesome and if you are interested let him know! Zach loves living in Boaz because of the people. He said “the people in Boaz are just AWESOME people.” There you have it Boaz, you are all awesome, and Zach is awesome as well, get to know him!

Written by JP Preisser, Boaz Commons Resident Assistant.

Get to Know Avery & Matt

Avery & Matt

Avery (left) & Matt (right)

We’d like to introduce you to Avery and Matt, two first-years that are really excited to be in Boaz! Be sure to get to know them this year!

Avery is from Yakima, WA, nearly 2,000 miles from SMU, and has two younger brothers. Before coming to SMU, Avery went to Spain, Austria, Germany, and Italy for soccer and was part of the preliminary selections for the under 18 World Cup! He plays on the SMU men’s soccer team and is a fan of the Sounders (Seattle’s Major League Soccer team). Avery has aspirations of being a professional soccer player and if that doesn’t turn out, he would love to work for the DEA. In his spare time, he loves to hunt, fish, and play FIFA.  Something you may not know about Avery is that he traveled (via plane and car) so much in high school that if you added up the miles it would equal him traveling around the Earth’s equator 17.26 times!

Matt is from Dallas and, like Avery, enjoys soccer (he supports Liverpool FC), and playing FIFA.  He likes the Cowboys, especially since they are doing well, and is considering majoring in Finance. He would love to fly planes one day so he takes some time to fly recreationally right now.  Last year, Matt got to spend Christmas in London. He’s also traveled to Canada, but, according to Matt, no one likes Canada (sorry Canadians!).  Two random facts about Matt: In high school, Matt drove a very classy 1964 Impala and he has a twin sister that lives in Shuttles that is older than Matt by ONE MINUTE!

Written by Jasmine Richardson, Boaz Resident Assistant.